Home Care

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Home Care is a new aspect of modern healthcare. Notions of Home Care include, for instance, �self-management� and �telemedicine�. The patient plays an important role in the Home Care process. The patient is able to obtain access to healthcare via his or her own electronic patient file from home or from work. A good comparison is electronic banking, in which one can control one�s own bank account and all sorts of actions can be taken. CuraRata has fully integrated Home Care with the electronic data file and the provision of individual patient information.

Home Care also offers the opportunity of monitoring the patient�s disease, use of medications and quality of life, of undertaking laboratory research from home and of planning or changing appointments with healthcare providers. One can conceive of a number of other potential uses for Home Care. These are being developed at this time and will be added later. One fundamental condition for Home Care is that this form of innovative care must continue to be geared to the provision of service, quality care and affordability.